We Are All Self-Employed

We Are All Self-Employed


Hakim, Cliff Berrett-Koehler, 2004
Price: $99.


This second edition of Cliff Hakim’s bestseller, We Are All Self-Employed, is not about starting a business. It is instead, about challenging and influencing our beliefs about work - an empowering attitude about doing a job and going beyond it, beyond blind loyalty to any one organization or customer.

The concept of job security, in the traditional sense, is gone as organizations do more with fewer employees, build self-directed work teams, and buy services from an increasingly contingent, part-time workforce. For this reason, workers, regardless of their level of employment or industry, must adopt a more entrepreneurial and responsible attitude toward their career as the world of work restructures around them.

Hakim builds a powerful case for the belief that we can determine our own direction in our life or rather, our worklife, because, in reality, the two concepts of work and life are inseparable. We have to be our own champions, actors rather than reactors, to find fulfillment.