Watch This, Listen Up, Click Here

Watch This, Listen Up, Click Here


Verklin, David | Kanner, Bernice John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2007 Audio summary available
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Almost two-thirds of Americans’ waking lives are engaged with media of some kind, according to David Verklin and Bernice Kanner, the authors of Watch This, Listen Up, Click Here, and where consumers are spending their media time is growing more diverse with the emergence of more media platforms.

Do more media platforms mean an even greater bombardment of advertising? Americans have perfected the avoidance of advertising (commercials) into an art; it is not the advertising, however, that people hate as much as the uninvited disruption. In the past, advertisers chose the time and place to present their story, if not to a captive audience, at least to a somewhat passive one. The Web-based world of video cell phones, blogs, iPods, MP3s, Blackberries, and Palm Pilots has all but effectively ended passive audiences receiving advertising for products they do not need or want. In an era of search and choice, consumers are controlling what they see and hear. This has serious implications for marketers, and they are scrambling to stay ahead (or at least abreast) of the technological innovations that are changing how people receive messages.