Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut


Robinson, Lynn A. Kaplan Publishing, 2006
Price: $99.


Intuition can be described as insight, instinct, or a hunch. There are two thoughts about where intuition comes from. The first is that intuition is a synthesis of prior knowledge — a blend of logic, experience, and subconscious information that is stored in the mind and recalled when needed. It is recognizing patterns or cues that inform us what to do. The second school of thought is that intuition comes from a higher power, a divine intelligence, which guides, informs, and directs.

Analysis and logic guide most people in decision-making. But what happens when these tools do not provide the answer?

Trust Your Gut is a guide for those who need to know how to access and use their intuition. The information overload experienced today can interfere with the ability to categorize, analyze, and decide, so turning to a “sixth sense” or “gut feeling” is, in many instances, the only alternative.