Transnational Leadership Development

Transnational Leadership Development


Fisher-Yoshida, Beth | Geller, Kathy D. Amacom, 2009 Audio summary available
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Advances in technology have broken down borders, bridged oceans, and created relationships between people and cultures where none had existed before. Because of these changes, cultural differences need to be acknowledged, respected, and embraced.

In their book Transnational Leadership Development, Beth Fisher-Yoshida and Kathy D. Geller explain the importance of letting go of a desire for sameness, and the need to both honor and welcome the differences between cultures. They also discuss the differences between “I”-Centric cultures such as the United States and Western Europe and “We”-Centric cultures, which include many Asian and Middle Eastern nations. By understanding the five paradoxes of transnational leadership identified by the authors, organizations can greatly enhance their effectiveness in the global marketplace.