Terrorism and Disaster Management

Terrorism and Disaster Management


McGlown, K. Joanne Health Administration Press, 2004 Audio summary available
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In the years following September 11, 2001, communities around the world have scrambled to address the threat of terrorism and protect themselves from its occurrence. Public healthcare in the United States is slowly gaining recognition as a leader in disaster response, largely due to its focus on prevention as the cornerstone of its emergency planning systems. However, a lack of nationwide standards, adequate resources, and community integration have hampered an otherwise promising response system.

Terrorism and Disaster Management is a collection of 13 essays, compiled by editor and medical consultant K. Joanne McGlown. Each essay discusses one aspect of emergency preparedness, planning, or action. With the help of experts from the medical, legal, and political worlds, the book provides a comprehensive look at U.S. emergency management—a field still in the early stages of development.