Smart Green

Smart Green


Estes, Jonathan John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009 Audio summary available
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There was, perhaps, a time when people could credibly wonder whether human actions really play a role in determining the fate of the planet, but no longer. Awareness of green issues has reached a tipping point. The potential environmental and humanitarian consequences of global warming are catastrophic and widely discussed. Humans must either “innovate, or face the consequences of not having enough energy or resources to accommodate the growing demand.” The fact is that old ways of doing business have the potential to drastically affect living standards the world over. 

However, this sobering realization brings with it stunning business opportunities. There has been a rush to invest in new, sustainable ways of doing business, and the market for sustainable products and services is exploding. In Smart Green, author Jonathan Estes lays out his case for the intersection of “the entrepreneurial spirit and the ideals of sustainability” and provides a practical guide for businesses who want to navigate the transition from business as usual to ‘Smart Green’ business.