Secrets of an Executive Coach

Secrets of an Executive Coach


Downs, Alan AMACOM, 2002
Price: $99.


Too often, the corporate life of many executives is driven by what Downs calls the ongoing process of truth management a major component of executive failure that attempts to minimize pain and maximize success by glossing over mistakes, fabricating successes, and hiding conflicts behind a facade of cooperation. In this struggle to survive, executives suppress desires and values and sometimes even abdicate their convictions, until something traumatic occurs. Then, everything comes spilling out to the detriment of their careers, businesses, and personal lives.

It is at this point, says, the author, that executive coaches can do their best work, and he offers Secrets of an Executive Coach as a step-by-step primer for that purpose. The work applies the tenets of clinical psychology to the unique stresses of executive leadership and reveals the important psychological insights executive coaches need to cut through an executive s destructive attitudes and behaviors. It presents the fundamental coaching techniques required to help executives confront and resolve a range of personal and professional crises in order to achieve lasting breakthrough results.