Power Mentoring

Power Mentoring


Ensher, Ellen E. | Murphy, Susan E. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006 Audio summary available
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Today, few employees spend their entire career at one company. Some people move from company to company in search of raises and promotions; while some move from project to project. Employment patterns have also changed and there is no longer one clear pathway to success, much less a clearly defined career pathway. Mentoring relationships have changed as well. Just as most of us do not stay with one employer, most of us do not stay with just one mentor. Power Mentoring, by Ellen Ensher and Susan Murphy, contains advice and a how-to plan for those looking to be protégés or mentors and for those who already are.

According to research on mentoring, mentors furnish both emotional and career support. They help clarify expectations, encourage development, and provide opportunities for a protégé to learn and grow. The relationship, though, is not a one-way street. Mentors also receive benefits. They are able to improve their skills in coaching and providing feedback, and they gain a greater sense of personal fulfillment.