Performance Management

Performance Management


Cokins, Gary John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004 Audio summary available
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The global business landscape has changed immensely over the past several decades according to author Gary Cokins, and it is time for the world’s business leaders to acknowledge that their organizations must change as well. In Performance Management, Cokins asserts that traditional practices, management theories, and even the way companies understand their customers’ needs must evolve with the times.

The solution lies in re-aligning the actions of the people of business—from corner office to conference room to sales floor—with the company’s overall strategy. The Performance Management (PM) process translates an organization’s mission and vision into action and breaks a decentralized set of tasks into actionable duties that everyone on the payroll can own. PM then ensures success by accounting for every cost and performance detail along the way from idea to final sale, then quantifying both employee work and customer cost.