The Oz Principle

The Oz Principle


Connors, Roger | Smith, Tom | Hickman, Craig Penguin Group, 2004


In The Oz Principle, Connors, Smith, and Hickman brilliantly use the analogy of "The Wizard of Oz" to discuss a business philosophy aimed in propelling individuals and organizations to overcome unfavorable circumstances and achieve desired results. This philosophy can be encompassed in one word: ACCOUNTABILITY. The eponymous principle builds upon the ethos of personal and organizational accountability. It explores the root cause of an organization's impediments to exceptional performance and productivity, and provides great insight on how to re-establish a business from the bottom up, emphasizing on the thin line that separates success from failure. The Above The Line, Below The Line methodology is the driving force behind the Oz Principle. This tenth anniversary edition supplies the reader with additional and updated examples of Above the Line, Below the Line experiences of various individuals and organizations.