Organizational Culture and Leadership

Organizational Culture and Leadership


Schein, Edgar H. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004
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Culture is to a group what personality is to an individual. Edgar Schein, in this his third edition of the classic, Organizational Culture and Leadership, delves deeper into the origins and evolution of culture within an organization and provides readers a functional approach to culture management.

Schein’s methodology, while complex, serves as a useful tool in understanding and dealing with cultural change and the importance of leadership in cross-cultural integration. His work demonstrates how leaders create culture and how culture defines and establishes leaders.

The author updates his previous editions with case studies on successes and failures in cultural integration and offers contemporary research on the definition of culture, crucial leadership roles, and how an existing culture can be changed. Schein stresses throughout the book that the process of culture creation and management is the essence of leadership.