The Number

The Number


Eisenberg, Lee Free Press, 2006
Price: $99.


Secretly, many people agonize over whether they have enough money put away in order to survive the rest of their lives as they age and “downshift” in jobs toward retirement. According to author Lee Eisenberg, tens of millions of people do not feel they are financially secure in their futures. These issues are addressed in The Number.

The Number is defined as the amount of money needed to live out the final days of life. It can be a struggle to discover, and a vague figure people may obsess about, forgetting other aspects of their lives, such as their pursuit of happiness and meaning, in the process. This book helps men and women at mid life discover what to do with the rest of their lives, how, and at what cost. It provides a look at the tools people use to explore what they’d like to do post-retirement, how to go about building a post-retirement strategy, and how to evaluate the tradeoffs of their choices.