Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy


Tulgan, Bruce John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009 Audio summary available
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As members of Generation Y enter the workforce in ever-increasing numbers, they bring with them a new set of attitudes that can present unique challenges to their managers, many of whom come from older generations. It is not uncommon for managers to report that Gen Yers are too high-maintenance, expect too many benefits, handle criticism poorly, think only in the short term, question authority figures, or are dependent on their overprotective parents.

While it is true that Gen Y employees are requiring managers to abandon their traditional approaches, Tulgan explains that this generation also holds the most potential for productivity – if their superiors know how to manage them properly. In Not Everyone Gets a Trophy, Tulgan explores how the attitudes and behaviors prevalent in Generation Y affect performance and longevity, and he outlines nine strategies to help managers recruit, motivate, and transform these workers to become what he believes could be the highest-performing workforce in history.