Nobodies to Somebodies

Nobodies to Somebodies


Han, Peter Penguin Group Publishing, 2005
Price: $99.


Nobodies to Somebodies is a fascinating peek into the early lives and career decisions of one hundred of the most influential leaders in the world today. The interviewees include an amazing variety of leaders, spanning the spectrum from business and industry to government; from the arts and entertainment industry to non-profit organizations to science and academia. They include CEO’s of Fortune 1000 companies, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, members of the Congress, and Senate, presidential Cabinet officers, and Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winners.

Although Han interviewed and included one hundred elite achievers, this is not a book of one hundred biographies. It is, rather, a composite focusing on the career issues young as well as established professionals face today. Enlightening stories are sprinkled liberally throughout each of the fourteen “lessons” the author learned in his quest for the key to fulfillment and personal and professional success.