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New Titles

How to Lead a Quest Fox, Dr. Jason John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd , 2016 Leadership

Today’s business environment is highly dynamic, making anticipating the future more complicated than ever. Market shifts can catch organizations off guard and lead to lasting problems. In How to Lead a Quest...

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How To Make Big Money In Your Own Small Business Fox, Jeffrey J. Vermillion , 2005 Management

Today, more than 25 million Americans own small businesses and millions more dream of running their own. The fact that a lot of people dream of owning a small business...

How to Manage Complex Programs Kendrick, Tom AMACOM , 2016 Management

A program is difficult to manage because it involves complicated hierarchies of deliverables, workflow, and staffing. The larger and more complicated the program is, the more likely it is to fail. In How to...

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How to Master the Art of Selling Hopkins, Tom Business Plus , 2005 Customer Focus, Marketing

How to Master the Art of Selling discusses the key characteristics that make up a true “champion” seller. Real champions are prepared for any selling situation and practice their selling techniques...

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How to Play the Game at the Top Pearson, Fenorris Agate Publishing , 2010 Personal Growth, Relationships

How to Play the Game at the Top by Fenorris Pearson tells the truth about getting ahead in corporate America. It is a game plan for getting to the top and staying there. It busts myths, such as “an MBA...

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How to Present Bowden, Michelle John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. , 2013 Communication

In How to Present, certified speaking professional Michelle Bowden demystifies the art of delivering a clear and compelling message to which the target audience responds positively. She breaks the...

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How to Retire Young Tauber, Edward M. Dow Jones-Irwin , 1990 Economics & Finance, Personal Growth

If life can be divided into three periods: schooling, working, and retirement, it can be planned in three equal installments of 25 years each-giving you a longer time in which to enjoy your later years. In addition,...

How to Say Anything to Anyone Harley, Shari Greenleaf Book Group Press , 2013 Communication

In How to Say Anything to Anyone, Shari Harley makes the case that candor is missing in the workplace. By being more candid, businesspeople can create effective and open business relationships. She...

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How To Sell And Manage In Tough Times and Tough Markets Reilly, Tom Motivation Press , 2001 Management

This book offers practical tips and advice on how salespeople and managers can effectively steer their way through times.

How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime Kahle, Dave Career Press , 2011 Customer Focus, Entrepreneurship

Too often salespeople get mired in the details of a deal and the product they are touting and forget to focus on the key component of a transaction—the customer. In How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime...

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