The Manager's Guide to HR

The Manager's Guide to HR


Muller, Max AMACOM, 2009 Audio summary available
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Management is a complex position. Beyond the actual supervising of employees, a task that employs all manner of leadership, communication and delegation skills itself, managers must also possess a firm grasp on the intricacies of the Human Resources process—hiring, firing, and everything in between. In The Manager’s Guide to HR, author Max Muller provides managers in the U.S. a detailed primer in hiring, firing, performance, evaluations, documentations, and everything else they need to know about the business of human capital.

From tips to hiring the best talent, to in-depth disambiguation of a variety of governmental acts relating to labor such as the Family Medical Leave Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act, to straightforward advice on dealing with sexual harassment, conducting background checks, airtight recordkeeping and procedures for the retention and destruction of sensitive documents, Muller lays bare the dense network of laws and policies, best practices and smart procedures necessary to not only keep employees happy, but stay on the good side of both the C-suite and state and federal government.