Making Strategy Work

Making Strategy Work


Hrebiniak, Lawrence G. Wharton School Publishing, 2005
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Although there is a wealth of literature, models, and techniques to guide organizations through the definition and planning stages of business strategy, many enterprises are finding the time and resources they commit to such tasks have been expended with little or no reward. The reason? There has been no definitive model for the execution of these strategies; and without execution, not even the most brilliant strategy can succeed.

Making Strategy Work focuses on the processes, decisions, and actions needed to implement the strategy, providing a roadmap for ensuring that strategy is executed effectively. The execution of a strategic plan is infinitely more complex than the planning. Just a few of the obstacles to effective strategy execution are: the long timeframes necessary for execution; poor or vague strategy; conflicts with the organizational power structure; inadequate communication or sharing of information; unclear responsibility and accountability in the execution process; and an inability to manage change, including cultural change within an enterprise.