The Long Tail

The Long Tail


Anderson, Chris Hyperion, 2008 Audio summary available
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Since star-struck Hollywood’s heyday, our consumer culture has been based primarily on a popularity contest. A relatively small number of “hits” in the market landscape gobble up the largest share of buyers’ dollars, while hundreds of thousands of lesser-known works languish in relative obscurity.

However, according to author Chris Anderson in his book The Long Tail, the hit parade is about to end. Thanks to the volume of those “other” obscure items, coupled with the lightning-fast information dissemination and infinite shelf-space of the internet era, a vast new collection of consumer choices is now available to the buying public.

The Long Tail offers businesses mired in traditional buyer/seller relationships access to this new paradigm so that they may redesign their operations to meet the modern consumer’s insatiable appetite for variety.