Leveraging The New Human Capital

Leveraging The New Human Capital


Burud, Sandra | Tumolo, Marie Davies-Black Publishing, 2004 Audio summary available
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According to Burud and Tumolo, people live and work differently today than they did in the past. Because employees no longer have the “invisible” support of the home-based partner who backed workers of the Industrial Age, these individuals must manage both work and personal responsibilities, simultaneously. It is an entirely new phenomenon in the history of paid market work, requiring fundamental changes in the way organizations manage people. Nonetheless, these changes cannot be accomplished effectively unless the organization’s leaders understand that this core workforce (unlike workers of earlier generations) no longer relates to work as the top priority, but as one priority that competes with others for attention.

Leveraging The New Human Capital is designed to help executives, managers, and HR directors, in all types of organizations, comprehend this structural change and turn it into an advantage by examining this different worker from the perspective of dual focus.