Leading on the Edge of Chaos

Leading on the Edge of Chaos


Murphy, Emmett C. | Murphy, Mark A. Prentice Hall Press, 2002
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According to Murphy and Murphy, the words volatile and chaotic perfectly describe the current economy, and every industry is affected. One day, events presage heart-stopping economic decline and, on the next, the prospects for economic achievement seem limitless. With each downturn, the fortune of companies and their leaders plummet and, with each upswing, many are left totally unprepared to take full advantage of the fleeting opportunities that present themselves. Either way, success is elusive.

Leading on the Edge of Chaos grew out of the authors’ study of 1,000 "benchmark leaders"-the world’s most accomplished-who have achieved exceptional success in volatile times. The work identifies what these leaders believe are the 10 greatest challenges of an unpredictable economy, outlines their proven strategies for success, and provides concrete guidelines for action, clarifying case studies, and simple practical tools that executive teams can begin using immediately to steer their organizations through the chaos and volatility.