The Leadership Gap

The Leadership Gap


Weiss, David S. | Molinaro, Vince John Wiley & Sons, Canada Ltd., 2005 Audio summary available
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Because leaders must shape their organizations, build teams, drive results, and inspire their employees to deliver value, leadership is a critical source of competitive advantage in today’s economy. However, Weiss and Molinaro’s research has found that many senior executives have little confidence that their organizations, both in the private and the public sectors, possess this kind of leadership capability. Despite widespread investments in management and leadership education, there appears to be a wide gap between actual leadership practices and the results needed to succeed in changing business environments long term. This short fall in talent, capability, development, and values—the four interrelated aspects of leadership—is a significant factor in the weakening of leadership capacity in many organizations.

Drawing on their extensive research and experience in the field, the authors present The Leadership Gap, a practical strategic guide that clearly illustrates the interdependent nature of these various aspects and how this interdependency is critical in forming the leader-organization partnership required to build leadership capacity.