It Starts with One

It Starts with One


Black, J. Stewart | Gregersen, Hal G. Wharton School Publishing, 2008
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Organizational change is difficult, expensive, time consuming, and, increasingly, the way of the business world. In the global marketplace, the pace of radical adjustments due to shifting markets, cultures, supplies, and technologies is gathering speed. Unsettling issues like these are increasing in magnitude and becoming more and more unpredictable. The typical business response is to look for advice in an “organization in” fashion, where the company as a whole dictates new standards for everyone at once, from the top down. Unfortunately, say the authors, in spite of many companies’ best efforts, more than 50% of all change initiatives fail.

To address this issue, It Starts With One begins with the opposite of “organization in” thinking, presenting valuable change-ready advice from the perspective of the “individual out,” and asserting that lasting success lies in changing people first. After that the organization will follow.