Invisible Capital

Invisible Capital


Rabb, Chris Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2010
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Few concepts in the United States are as deeply rooted as the American Dream. Hard work, determination, a willingness to take risks – these are the qualities needed to succeed, at least in the common narrative. According to author Chris Rabb, however, the reality is not so positive. Only a small fraction of businesses succeed past their first few years, and even fewer hire employees. In Invisible Capital, Rabb discusses the myths, realities, and opportunities behind entrepreneurship, explaining where the misconceptions come from and how damaging they can be for would-be business owners. According to Rabb, invisible capital is “the collection of largely intangible assets that improve the probability that a venture will grow and thrive.” Invisible Capital reviews how invisible capital can be identified, leveraged, and shared in order to level the playing field for entrepreneurs.