The Inclusion Breakthrough

The Inclusion Breakthrough


Miller, Frederick A. | Katz, Judith H. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2002
Price: $99.


Although most Fortune 500 companies have some kind of diversity program, Miller and Katz believe that the majority have been unsuccessful because of what they call diversity in a box restrictive policies, practices, and structures that smother most attempts to challenge the status quo and make diversity a way of life. It is their assertion that organizations fail to reach higher performance and greater success because they neglect to support the inclusion of diverse perspectives, nationalities, and backgrounds; they fail to understand the importance of aligning them for a common purpose; and they fall short in enabling them to interact to create enhanced results.

In The Inclusion Breakthrough, the authors present a proven methodology that every executive, manager, and change leader can effectively use to leverage diversity. Its principles and practices show how to embrace and utilize differences so that they become a powerful tool for the kind of organizational change that effectively takes advantage of new sources of success.