Igniting Gen B and Gen V

Igniting Gen B and Gen V


Ahlrichs, Nancy S. Davies-Black Publishing, 2008 Audio summary available
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To compete in today’s marketplace, corporations need to develop employees that do more than just show up every day to work: employees need to be engaged in their work. Unfortunately, companies have historically neglected the commitment of their longtime employees, focusing instead on the up-and-coming youth within the organization. This oversight carries with it more negative consequences now than ever before, given the rapid pace at which long-standing employees are considering leaving the workforce coupled with the sparse number of qualified potential hires available to replace them.

In Igniting Gen B and Gen V, author Nancy Ahlrichs provides readers with the tools needed to re-engage boomers and veterans. She provides a rationale for why companies simply cannot afford to ignore the disengagement of these generational groups and offers strategies for creating a culture that rejects such barriers.