I Didn't See it Coming

I Didn't See it Coming


Widmann, Nancy C. | Eisenman, Elaine J. | Kopelan, Amy Dorn John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2007 Audio summary available
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The organizational landscape has undergone so many transformations over the last decade that thousands of talented professionals who managed to thrive through all sorts of difficulty have suddenly found themselves the jobless victims of mergers, acquisitions, management turnovers, and company self-destructions. This is not, say the authors, because they were bad at their jobs. Many of these unfortunate souls were simply blindsided - knocked down by obstacles in their career paths most people neglect to acknowledge while engaged in their day-to-day work lives.

In I Didn’t See It Coming, Widmann, Eisenman, and Kopelan offer important help to business professionals interested in predicting, controlling, and working with changing and challenging organizational structures, colleagues, teams, and upper management. Complacency breeds shortsightedness, and the smart businessperson should be wary—but not to the point of paranoia. Anyone can see it coming by simply staying sharp, staying tuned, and staying vigilant to the environment.