HR Transformation

HR Transformation


Ulrich, Dave | Allen, Justin | Brockbank, Wayne | Younger, Jon | Nyman, Mark McGraw-Hill, 2009 Audio summary available
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According to the authors of HR Transformation, “a true HR transformation is an integrated, aligned, innovative, and business-focused approach to redefining how HR work is done within an organization so that it helps the organization deliver on promises made to customers, investors, and other stakeholders.” Essentially, this means that HR Transformation is not truly successful unless it adds value to the business as a whole.

HR Transformation provides a step-by-step guide to improving all aspects of an HR department, including its people, its processes, and even the physical workspace. While most HR leaders are headed in the right direction by attempting to increase efficiency and streamline work processes, changes must be made with regard to the business’ customers and investors. New processes and practices may make HR run more effectively, but they may do more harm than good if they are not aligned with the company’s overall strategy.