Flight Capital

Flight Capital


Heenan, David Davies-Black Publishing, 2005 Audio summary available
Price: $99.


The U.S. has always been known to attract the world’s best and brightest—talented immigrants who have created the vast wealth and intellectual capital that have contributed so abundantly to America’s technological and scientific preeminence as well as its economic strength. Heenan notes, however, that after centuries of importing this stellar brainpower, the U.S. is now a net exporter. As more and more countries worldwide actively woo their expatriate talent back home, America’s economic power and technological preeminence are diminishing, along with its national security. Thus, he advises, “…the next global war will be fought over human capital.”

Flight Capital is a timely and provocative wake-up call that identifies specific actions that Heenan believes the U.S. can and must take to meet the challenges of cultivating homegrown talent and staunching the flow of America’s intellectual capital.