The Five Literacies of Global Leadership

The Five Literacies of Global Leadership


Hames, Richard David Jossey-Bass, 2007 Audio summary available
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The pace of life has accelerated at an amazing rate over the last few centuries. Rapid technological advancement has completely changed the way businesses operate. Global borders have blurred and geography has little meaning. In this dynamic environment, the ways in which organizations approach leadership must also change.

In The Five Literacies of Global Leadership, Richard David Hames focuses on business professionals intent on creating better futures and details how this group is accomplishing that goal by discovering new knowledge, valuing the power of collective wisdom, and practicing expansive thinking behavior. Readers will learn of the five literacies of Networked Intelligence, Futuring, Deep Design, Strategic Navigation, and Brand Resonance and how utilizing these different mindsets and practices will enable business leaders to deal more effectively with the challenges of globalization.