Face It

Face It


Horn, Art AMACOM, 2004 Audio summary available
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Fear comes in many different—and often disguised—forms. In addition to preventing many from achieving the levels of professional success of which they are capable, fear is also the root cause of most conflict in professional settings, undermining the productivity of teams and entire organizations.

In Face It, author Art Horn identifies six basic behavioral types—worriers, controllers, attention-seekers, victims, fakes, and prisoners. The characteristics of these six types can all be traced back to fear. Conflict decreases accordingly with the “owning” of fear and working through the problems the fear has created. In owning fear, acknowledging that it is a natural part of us, the fear can be brought under control. Great strides in personal and professional effectiveness can be made when people learn to accept themselves.

The problem, however, is never completely outside of us (i.e., with other people), but is often inside us as well. Unconsciously, we spend a great deal of time assessing whether we like what we see in our lives. A key point Horn makes is that life is much better if we focus on the facts in our lives, and not on our opinions of those facts.