Epic Change

Epic Change


Clark, Timothy R. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2008 Audio summary available
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Successful change leadership is an often overlooked developmental skill in our global age where uncertainty, a hastened pace, and intensified competition have become the norm. Yet understanding and managing organizational change is necessary in order to adapt and adjust to new and expanding competitive forces. Leaders are increasingly tasked to guide their organizations through complex change, maintain sustainable financial results in the face of turbulent outside pressures, and succeed by incorporating a systematic approach to manage change.

EPIC Change is the result of in-depth qualitative interviews with leaders across numerous industries responsible for heading up change initiatives. In his quest to identify the points of greatest leverage available to these change agents, Clark identifies a pattern-like way organizations perform work and absorb stress during any change process. His resulting EPIC methodology (Evaluate, Prepare, Implement, and Consolidate), explains what drives successful change, from stage to stage, including how change begins, sustains momentum, and achieves lasting success.