The Emerging Markets Century

The Emerging Markets Century


van Agtmael, Antoine1 The Free Press, 2007
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Twenty-five years ago, most knowledgeable investors would not have dreamed of putting even a tiny portion of respectable capital into shares of “Third World” countries. Since then, a number of these countries have gone from Third World to Emerging, and a few are even considered to be major economic powers. Nonetheless, in the minds of many observers, the world-class enterprises that form the foundation of these economies are still widely regarded as second- or third-rate. The Emerging Markets Century picks up where The World Is Flat left off to reveal how this new breed of world-class multinationals is catching Western competitors unawares to such an extent that the household brand names of the West are in danger of becoming has-beens.

Based on 30 years of working and investing in emerging markets, Antoine van Agtmael (known for coining the term “emerging markets”), analyzes 25 of the top emerging world-class multinationals to provide investors and corporate management with unique insights into how these relative unknowns have come so far so fast, what they are doing right that their Western counterparts are doing wrong, and how the West can capitalize on the opportunities these companies represent.