Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture


Stanford, Naomi John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011


In Corporate Culture, Naomi Stanford shows how a company’s culture can make or break the organization and that getting the culture right is a fundamental part of a successful business strategy. She presents three perspectives on corporate culture, making the point that each perspective is incomplete and a view of corporate culture must be drawn from a synthesis of all three. The integration perspective suggests that an organization has a single culture that is clearly identifiable and potentially measurable, and that employees are committed to supporting it (or at least going along with it). The differentiation perspective sees organizations as complex, many-faceted sets of sub-cultures within one overarching culture, interacting to manage their diverse and often competing interests and objectives. Finally, the fragmentation perspective emphasizes ambiguities of interpretation, irony, paradox, and irreconcilable contradictions that cross-cut, undermine, and confuse any organization-wide or sub-culture claims of consensus or clarity.