Absolute Honesty

Absolute Honesty


Johnson, Larry | Phillips, Bob AMACOM, 2003 Audio summary available
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With shocking revelations of deliberate corporate dishonesty and manipulation appearing almost daily in the media, many are beginning to wonder if the realities of business and the concept of integrity are, by definition, mutually exclusive. Johnson and Phillips believe, however, that this is definitely not the case. It is their premise that a majority of organizations strive to do the right thing. They understand that it is in their best interests, and in the best interests of their customers, employees, shareholders, and communities, to stand on truth, honesty, and accountability. Thus, the issue for this majority is not whether they should be truthful and responsible but, rather, how to "integrate such practices into the culture so that they are rewarded, self-perpetuating, and virtually automatic."

Drawing on the practices they have observed and helped implement in such companies as American Express, Harley-Davidson, Sequent Computers, Tektronix, and Intel, the authors present Absolute Honesty-a simple, but powerful, template that offers a timeless blueprint, based on "six laws of absolute honesty." These laws go beyond principles to offer executives and managers practical guidelines for building cultures that foster healthy debate and open, honest communication, and help them create workplaces where ethical principles automatically drive every decision.