Getting Started

Q. How do I search Business Book Summaries?

To search for summaries, enter a book title or search term in the search box in the upper-right corner of the page.  Select a title from the result list that appears.

To browse for summaries, click on a category in the column on the left or click the appropriate links to view new titles, audio summaries, or top summaries.

Q. How do I print a Business Book Summary?

When viewing the PDF of a summary, hover over the PDF to bring up the tool bar on the bottom of the screen. Click on the printer icon.

To print the HTML version of a summary, click the print icon on the right-hand toolbar.

Q. How do I listen to audio versions of summaries?

If the summary you have selected is available in audio, it will be indicated by an audio icon on result lists and on the summary information page. You can click the audio icon in either location to listen to the audio.

Q. How do I access a summary I’ve purchased?

 If you have purchased one or more individual summaries, log into the site using the username and password created at the time of the purchase. Navigate to the “My Account” tab at the top of the homepage. Then, click the “Purchased Summaries” tab to see all summaries you have purchased.

Q. As a member of an institution, how do I create a personal Business Book Summaries account?

To create a personal account, institutional members must first be logged in with their institution’s credentials. Then, click the “create a personal account” link found in the forum area or under the comments area of any Business Book Summary. Fill out the form and click the “Create New Account” button. The account information will be e-mailed to the address provided.

Q. Can I post messages that other members of my institution can read?

If you are a member of an institutional with a subscription to BBS, you can post messages on the forum for your colleagues to read and comment on. You must be logged into your personal account in order to post messages on the forum. Once logged in with a personal account, you may post a new forum topic or comment on existing topics.

Q. Can I post comments on summaries for other members of my institution to read?

If you are a member of an institution, you can post comments on summaries that colleagues can read and comment on. At the bottom of a summary information page, click the “Add Comment” link to post your comment. You must be logged into your personal account in order to post comments.


Q. How do I subscribe to Business Book Summaries as an individual user?

There are several subscription options for individual users. If you would like to subscribe to BBS, please visit our subscription page to view your options.

Q. How do I subscribe to Business Book Summaries as an institution?

If you would like an institutional subscription to Business Book Summaries, you may either fill out our corporate solutions form or call 978-356-6500 ext. 1070 to speak to a sales representative.